P.T Barnum Sideshow

P.T Barnum featured various oddities such as…

the famous Siamese twins from Siam. This is supposedly where the origin of the name of Siamese twins came from.

What is a freakshow without a lady with a beard.

Of course the Fiji cannibals.

Are they humans or wolves or maybe even lions!

These were just a few of Barnum’s treasures. Barnum searched all around the world to find new and mysterious people to show off at his shows. Are they real or is it all an illusion? Maybe it’s all fake all together. Are they medical mysterious or are they truly “freaks”? Do you believe it or not?



P.T Barnum was one of the most famous sideshow and freakshow owner in the history of the united states. He was only out to amaze his audience with the most notorious oddities in his collection. His collection included the bearded lady, the tallest man alive and even a mermaid. But how many of these so called ” freaks ” truly existed? Were they all but a hoax?

This is Barnum’s so called ” Real Mermaid” So do you believe it or not?

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